Adjust it by your own imagination or according to the latest fashion trends.

Anything can look good on it.

what to do with it?

manekeen is yours.

It is only up to you, what you will do with it.

The possibilities have no boundaries.

A naked manekeen is waiting for your valuable ideas.

Don’t be afraid to be original, playful, courageous and creative.

Trim, cut, stick, hatch, collage, draw, print, applicate, decoupage.

what is it aimed for?

  1. to develop creativity and imagination

  2. to be played with as well as to be worn around as a fashionable accessory

  3. to serve as storage for any small items

  4. or to be available as a unique gift package

Fill it up

Paint it

Decorate it

Glue on it

Give it as a present

It can be all you want it to be,

It is up to you

A pure and empty space, a beginning of a new project

Inspirations can be found on the runway, where uniquely dressed individuals are posing already.

Czech design - Moravian product - Handmade in the Czech Republic


czech design of paper case

The history goes back to the beginning of the 20th century, when the manufactory in Moravia was open to produce travel cases. 

The cases were exported to various countries around the world. 

In the 50's the manufactory introduced the famous small paper case for children.

It was very typical for the Czech children to use this small paper case for art tools during their early years at school. Some of the schools maintain this tradition to present days. 

Sometimes you can see these cases with movie characters, too.

We decided to simplify this traditional design and decoration to a minimum.

The idea was to either keep this simple design or to use future owner's creativity and decorate it.